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South Shore Strategy

The four-phase research and strategic planning process will last roughly nine months, concluding in March 2015.

Phase 1: Competitive Assessment

The Competitive Assessment will provide a detailed examination of South Shore’s competitiveness as a place to live, work, visit, and do business. During this phase, the Market Street team will conduct original research, incorporate previous and ongoing research and strategic efforts, and conduct leadership meetings, focus groups, interviews, and an online survey.

Rather than simply describing trends for a variety of data points, the Competitive Assessment will synthesize key findings from the quantitative and qualitative analysis to frame the discussion around the key “stories” that define South Shore as a region – encompassing competitive strengths, challenges, and opportunities. This approach is intended to produce a resource that does not simply identify key findings but uses them to determine strategic implications for the region.

Phase 2: Business Sector Analysis

The Target Business Analysis will identify the economic sectors that are best positioned to drive future growth and wealth creation, taking into account South Shore’s connection to the economic engines of Boston and Providence. This phase will provide an in-depth assessment of the factors that may be inhibiting economic diversification as well as business sectors that would be best able to drive future growth and wealth creation.

Phase 3: South Shore Regional Development Strategy

The Regional Development Strategy serves as the blueprint for driving that the Chamber’s future work in serving members, building a stronger regional economy and making the South Shore a special place to live and work. It will also be a holistic strategy, with tactical, measurable, and actionable details that will inform the Chamber’s program of work. The Regional Development Strategy will include best practice examples from across the nation that further explains individual components of the strategy.

Phase 4: Implementation Plan

While the Strategy represents “what” South Shore needs to do, the Implementation Plan determines “how” it will be accomplished. The Plan will serve as the “road map” for putting the Strategy into motion by outlining the activities of the Strategy’s objectives on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.


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